August 20, 2016

I got you babe


It’s been a wild few weeks of feeling a general disconnect to the internet and most forms of social media. Feeling like I wasn’t sure what to post, what to write and what to say, which usually means that I’m just not sure how I’m feeling. Because let’s face it, social media and blogging can bring about a whole group of insecurities and general feeling of not enough.

And that’s so not okay.

Because we’re all enough. We’re all so much more than enough.

So I went to bed last night at 9pm. I had the intention of crawling into bed to write but with a huge rainstorm outside and having just had the most wonderful bath,

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August 17, 2016

Soulful Strut

she takes my shoes

Has your heart ever skipped a beat? Has it galloped out of your chest? Has the world provided you perfectly everything that makes you feel free and holy and joyful just for a moment? Have you felt like gravity didn’t exist?



[an excerpt from a book I can’t wait to read by #theflyingpanties] Agatha Love 15 months.

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Bring It On Home


Come celebrate Fall with me as we eat and drink and laugh (and most likely cry a little ) on Saturday September 10 in Toronto. Only 5 seats left! Tickets for sale via Eventbrite here and include food, wine and a table full of ladies to support you. $55. For more information check out our GATHER section or email me at


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July 31, 2016

Everything up to this day.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 10.12.06 AM

It’s interesting how things just all of a sudden come into perspective. Like you weren’t really seeing the whole picture up until now. And then all of a sudden you see something, read something, hear something, feel something and then bam! it just hits you.

I just finished reading Natalie Holbrook‘s “Hey Natalie Jean – Advice, Musings and Inspiration on Marriage, Motherhood and Style”. It was just what I needed (the best part? I didn’t even know I needed it). I missed reading her blog, hearing her voice in a way I guess…and then I remembered that she wrote a book. I was on my way to head up to our cottage in Georgian Bay for a week and I wanted something good to read.

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