October 21, 2016

So good to me [ 21 days later and some thoughts on making babies ]


There is absolutely no reason for being rushed along with the rush. Everybody should be free to go slow.

And for the most part we are FREE to go slow. But does that mean that we CHOOSE to go slow? Most of the time we don’t because it’s hard and because there’s lots to do. Always lots to do. In both a great way and in ways that pushes us. ( I so badly want to use the word challenge here but Jeff has let me in on a little secret – I use the word challenge a lot – too much maybe? If you have any other amazing words to express the feeling of being challenged please share them with me –

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October 10, 2016

Day 16 – A tale about pumpkin pie and kissing on the kitchen floor


It was really really good pumpkin pie. Home made (not by me) with some kind of incredibly soft maple whip cream top. I said to Jeff as we were eating it that there is no way I could ever make a pie that good simply because I would stop when I read how much sugar it called for.

(I didn’t ask how much sugar was in that piece I was eating with him on the kitchen floor tonight).

It is Canadian Thanksgiving and my entire immediate family flew to Minnesota just to eat turkey and sleep over with us. Pretty much the best thing ever. I likened it to sleepover camp. So with that in mind,

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October 4, 2016

A note on doing what really fills you up [ day 10 ]


I got an email from my dear friend yesterday and she said something along these lines – “although you might think I’m this totally slow person from how I post, what I write, my visual persona if you will – I’m not. My head is constantly racing – it’s busy even when I’m physically busy. So that’s kind of like being doubly busy. Living slow is such a state of mind, I’ve come to realise. A choice on how to take in every minute and hour of the day, every situation and challenge.”

It reminded me of myself.

This isn’t easy. Being a mum. Wishing you were a mum – the whole thing.

This morning I took Aggie to our first library sing / read group thing here and it totally rocked me.

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September 29, 2016

A thought on really listening [ day 5 ]

Around Aggie’s 6 month point my sister in law ( an incredibly talented + passionate pediatric occupational therapist in the Florida area ) told me something I’ll never forget. As babies are babbling and starting to chit chat it’s important to listen and engage. Something as simple as a head nod or a question back (“really? tell me more”) can do so much for these tiny humans. It helps them to realize from a very early stage that what they’re saying is important.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been surrounded by some pretty incredible ladies lately. I feel so honoured and excited about these women so without getting all girl crushy on you [ even though most of the time I just want to explode with how awesome I think they are ] I hope that they somehow just know who they are. In each of my separate adventures with them I’ve felt such a strong sense of being listened to.

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