September 29, 2016

A thought on really listening [ day 5 ]

Around Aggie’s 6 month point my sister in law ( an incredibly talented + passionate pediatric occupational therapist in the Florida area ) told me something I’ll never forget. As babies are babbling and starting to chit chat it’s important to listen and engage. Something as simple as a head nod or a question back (“really? tell me more”) can do so much for these tiny humans. It helps them to realize from a very early stage that what they’re saying is important.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been surrounded by some pretty incredible ladies lately. I feel so honoured and excited about these women so without getting all girl crushy on you [ even though most of the time I just want to explode with how awesome I think they are ] I hope that they somehow just know who they are. In each of my separate adventures with them I’ve felt such a strong sense of being listened to.

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September 27, 2016

Wide Open Spaces + some favourite simple recipes [ day 3 ]


Ignoring the signs that our body is giving us is all too easy.

Our body gives us teeny tiny hints numerous times throughout the day but most of the time we’re too busy to recognize what’s really going on. Thirst, hunger, bowel movements, dry skin, sleepiness, headaches, low energy – these are all signs that something is probably missing from our daily diet or life in some way.

Before I really checked in with my body, I suffered from a number of different health issues, the biggest one being urinary tract infections. They were the ‘go to’ signal for me that something was off balance. At the time though, I didn’t really have the knowledge or understanding of what was going on – I felt it coming on,

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September 25, 2016

A place to begin [ day 1 ]


You see that picture up there? That’s what life has felt like for the past six months. Constantly on the go.

So here we are. Time to finally take a deep breath.

Like a really big deep breath. Feel that? It’s hard to do. Everything is stuck and hard and jumbled. It isn’t slow and soft and moving.

Close your eyes. Feel your belly. Feel your throat. Feel your breath slowly rise and slowly fall. Now take a slow deep breath through your nose, feel your belly rise. Exhale out your mouth and feel your belly fall.

If you aren’t frustrated yet, keep doing it. In and out. One, two, three, four,

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September 13, 2016

Protected: Slow Eating


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