July 7, 2014

Saying yes to one thing.

It’s so easy to find a reason to not do something. To not try something, to say no and move on. I find that sometimes there is so much information that it feels impossible to sift through it all and decide what you want to say yes to. I think the first and most important part is figuring out what your boundaries are. What makes sense to you and what makes sense to your partner ( if you’re including them on this decision).  I stumbled upon an interesting TED talk by My New Roots blogger Sarah B from Toronto. Sarah studied at IHN ( the same school I took my course at) and had a big food revelation the summer she worked at an organic farm. After pretty much only consuming things from the farm she noticed a series of improvements in her general health and energy. She found the link between food and our bodies.

In this particular video she talks about making one change every day. One change everyday which equates to 365 changes in one whole year to your personal health and life. Her basic example in the video was learning to make your own nut milk, something I am a big fan of as well! It’s one of the simplest things to make and eliminates all of the synthetic vitamins and additives that are found in prepackaged nut milks and hormones in dairy milk. 

When I was doing the 21 day Holistic Eating and Living Journey I was on a fertility clean eating mission. Since then, I have found a huge appreciate for eating things from the source as much as possible and incorporating them into various recipes along the way. Along with new recipes comes new books and new websites and blogs and movies. I have been completely overwhelmed (in both a good and not so good way) by all of the possible changes I can make to my own (and my family’s) life. This is what I wanted to talk about today. 

So many people make this immediate flip of the switch life style change. And kudos to you if that works. But if you are anything like me, slow and steady wins the race. In my Au Natural post I talked about ridding my kitchen of teflon but here I am up north at a cottage for the week with not a ton of pan options and I’m starting at that teflon pan like it’s death. This can’t be healthy either. There has to be a balance. I feel as though so many people touch on this and I don’t want to risk sounding like an echo but whoever my readers are, I want you to know that I’m just as much a human as you are. Starting with one change is as good as any change. Saying no to teflon as much as you can but giving yourself the grace to eat from it when there’s no way around it is pretty important.

So! What can we say yes to everyday? Small things. Big things and everything in between. Anything that makes sense to you on your own fertility journey. I think it’s important to make your ‘yes’ varied from day to day. It could be a food thing or it could be a mental thing. It could be clean eating for 3 days. Or 2 minutes to look up at the clouds and dream about what’s coming. 10 minutes on a favourite blog, picking out a new recipe, going for a drive, kissing someone, hugging someone, visualizing the baby that will be yours one day! Incorporating positive yes moments in your day will hopefully help you to change the way you’re body thinks and might help to bring on whatever it is that is stagnant inside at this particular moment. 



1. Cook sunken eggs for breakfast tomorrow. Recipe found in Clean Eats by Alejandro Junger. 

2. Try Ayurvedic oil pulling with sunflower seed oil after reading this article here

3. Try an Arviga Maya Fertility Massage that might help bring on menstruation.  

4. Explore more vegetarian dinner options with my husband for week day dinners. These sweet potato quinoa patties look delicioussss!!!

5. Order an organic vegetable box to bring us local deliciousness through the cold Canadian winter months!

6. Read a few more books that have been on my shelf forever. Like this one. 

7. Continue to try to master my headstand in my yoga practice. 

8. Ask my friends at A Braided Lovely to teach me how to make wild grass, sage and lavender bundles. 

9. Continue to try to take 10-20 deep belly breaths every single morning and night. 

10. Find a moment to S L O W myself D O W N every day. 


  • Jaclyn Parsons says:

    I just watched A Braided Lovely’s video the other day. So beautiful!

  • Kristine Jensen says:

    Did you get around to read the book? I’m reading it for the third time and only loving it more every time.
    I just found your amazing blog and Brorsons through all your posts from the beginning like a great book itself I’m killing forward to the next chapter 🙂
    Your fertility travel reminds me of my own for the past 6 months or so.
    Was going through fertility treatment with hormones and losing myself and my beliefs in the proces.
    Finally I got a strong feeling that there was another way for us and we ended the treatment and made choices like the ones you tell about, diet and vitamins – taking things slow and changing our mindset from "is it ever gonna happen" to "when the time is right of course it will happen" and appreciating deeply all the things we learn during this proces. Like my daughters will start the pill, ever. And that we now only have organic food and how good that feels to treat my body with the best.
    I actually got pregnant the first cycle after going all natural and I was amazed. Unfortunately it was a blighted ovum and I had to go through an abortion, but we got the sign we needed, that we had made the right choice so now it is patience 🙂
    This ended up being longer than planned, but I just wanted to thank you for sharing and congratulations on your wonderful pregnancy.
    I look forward to reading the following posts and future ones coming up.

    All the best from Kristine

    • Valentina says:

      Hi Kristine!
      So glad you found the blog and are enjoying it. I always love hearing about other ladies adventures in the fertility world so I appreciate you sharing a bit of your story with me! Stay positive and it seems like you’re doing everything right. The goodness is on it’s way 🙂 xxx Valentina

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