March 20, 2017

Day 9: Spring 21 Day Holistic Eating and Living Journey

I wrote a post today on Instagram about anxiety and confusing it for being afraid of transition, change, new ideas, big ideas, good things, scary things and really just the moment before something totally fucking awesome happens. It happens to me all the time. It’s what happens (I think) when you finally open your heart and ask the Universe (or God, or your higher being – whatever you call it) for what you truly want.

It’s a moment where all gets tight in your chest and where you really don’t want to mess anything up because you can kind of just see all the good stuff peaking around the corner.

A few things that help to keep me grounded during times like these:

Create a container for the anxiety/stress/concerns/weirdness you’re feeling.

Visualize yourself in a cocoon of golden or white light while seated. This light is a safe place for you to experience all of your feelings. Breathe gently in and out through the nose and imagine the light expanding beyond your physical body while still keeping you safe and protected. Create room for any and all feelings that come up and breathe deeply into your heart. Keep this visualization going for 5 minutes and then just sit quietly until you are ready to get up. Practice daily for 5 minutes.

Create a dream board.

A dream board is something that’s been useful to me to visually outline the things I see for myself in the future. It helps me get the image out of  my head and into a real physical place. I like to use Pinterest because it’s something I’m on quite frequently with my other work but you could just as easily rip images out of magazines or screen shot images you see on your phone. Or even better take pictures, get them printed and post them on a wall in your home you look at often. They can be photos of people, places, spaces, quotes, nature – whatever you want to fill your life with. It’s all about the magic of saying yes in your heart – your head will slowly but surely follow.

Give yourself a physical reminder to stay grounded and true to where you want to head.

My Brazilian wish bracelet ( going on number 3 since meeting Jeff ) is something that physically helps to remind me that if I want something, I am the only one who can get myself closer to it. If you’re interested in getting one, send me an email with your address and I’ll happily post one to you!

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