A place to learn to love your whole self

I believe it’s time to get messy. To be honest. To laugh a lot, to shed some tears and to genuinely open ourselves up and breathe into what’s stagnant.

If I could pick one thing that’s stood as a strong and stable practice in my life, it would be breathing. Breath work is a practice I love because I can see how quickly and powerfully it gets right to the heart of what so many of us are hoping to feel.

My goal is to help you let go of what you don’t need.
To help you rebalance the body from holding on to too much for too long.
To help you find a calm place for things to move within.
And above all to help you to learn to love your whole self just a little bit more.


Heading here

I started Lovefestjourney as a place to share my own experience in healing my body naturally from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and eventually get pregnant. Through a series of wild adventures and a whole lot of hard work, I balanced my hormones, became pregnant naturally and gave birth to my daughter Agatha Love in May 2015.

Valentina works with clients near and far and has had her writing featured on Wellspace, Megan Garcia Health and Wellness and Garden Heart Holistic. She loves cooking and baking (but never really follows the recipes all that well). She loves taking baths, going for forest walks with Agatha and hosting dinners. Valentina is currently located between Minneapolis, Minnesota and Toronto, Canada.

Valentina | LoveFestJourney

I have always loved helping people. Ever since I can remember, I have been holding space for people to move through things – adults and kids alike. Helping to find what’s real, to heal what’s hurt and to dig into what’s stopping us from moving forward.

Listening, talking, breathing, guiding – feeling and hearing what needs to be said. I teach women how to get into their bodies and trust their intuition – I believe these are key elements for developing self love. The number one reason people don’t honour their intuition is fear of the change it’ll cause and the uncertainty of how they’ll be able to move through it. I support my clients to honour the little and the big things in front of them and help them move through them, while learning to love themselves through the process.

By sharing my own story online, I have had the great privilege of connecting with women from all over the world. I take pride in knowing that my honesty about fertility, pregnancy and mamahood has helped other women have the courage to openly share their own journeys without feeling anxious or ashamed. I completed a Continuing Education course through the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto that focused on our body’s natural ability to nurture a growing baby through nutritional and holistic practices. In the Winter of 2014 I took a Qigong breathing course where I learned what it felt like to truly breathe deep. Through my ongoing yoga practice, I have learned various other breathing techniques. Currently I am studying with a yoga and pranayama teacher based out of Kathmandu, Nepal. Since working with her, I have been incorporating various breathing rituals into my own daily rhythm and am so excited to share them with you.