Breathing Workshops

What does movement look like to you? Breathe, what does it feel like? Do you breathe into your chest? Into your belly? Do you notice when you breathe? When you start to take care of yourself on a deeper level it can sometimes feel hard to actually take a deep breath. To even know what breathing is supposed to feel like. Learning to breathe can help you move through blocks you don’t always see, to find ​the magic that’s hidden and to learn to calm your whole self down.

Breath​ing is ​all ​about moving energy​. ​My dream with guiding these sessions and workshops is to not only help you to breathe deeply again but to combine counselling and insight with the physical, so clients gain a deep level of insight, release emotional baggage and actually feel the changes in their own body.  I will help you to acknowledge how you’re feeling and to set an intention. We all need a secure place to express ourselves honestly and without judgment​ – t​his is how we learn to give and receive love.​ ​I​ will draw on my ​​experience and teach you the practice​ so that you have the tools to implement the healing on your own. When you feel stuck or you notice a blockage in your own body, you’ll be able to come back to your breath to ground and nourish yourself.


​One of my favourite things to do is guide conversation and create a space for people in a love filled room. My Seasonal Mama Dinners are just that. A magical evening filled with fresh, local food, wine, and flowers to fill you up from the outside in.

Hosted quarterly throughout the year, I invite mamas of all stages to gather around a table, let go of what they don’t need, and to fill up on what they do.

My aim is to collaborate with like minded women who can bring their goodness to the table in whatever form that holds. Flowers, bread, beer, words, wisdom or love. If this is something that speaks to you feel free to reach out to discuss!

One on One

I’m here to help you find what self care looks likes to you. Let’s sit down and talk about what’s going on with your fertility, pregnancy or mamahood journey so far. During our session I will support you wherever you are on your journey, in manifesting your dreams and relating to yourself. We will openly share stresses and thoughts, create goals and move through those hard to see blocks that sit in our minds and in our hearts. I will create a personalized package filled with resources for you so you can start your own lovefestjourney! Initial consultations are 90 minutes and include a customized email outlining everything you need to help you get going as well as daily email support for 1 month + 2 follow up phone calls // $350 Follow up consultations can be booked for 30 or 60 minutes // $45 / $75. I also offer my services on a sliding scale as needed, If you feel like you only need part of my services or if the cost above does not meet your current financial situation please feel free to reach out and we’ll find a workable rate. I would rather help build community and strength than leave you feeling alone and wishing you had help!